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The Story


A mysterious call invited us to this land. Serendipity.


Even if it seemed impossible to cross borders, a few friends arrived at Monte California late December 2020. Oak trees were shining, the river was running fully, horses were roaming freely. There was nothing spectacular about the landscape, but a sense of rest and inspiration coming out of pristine winter light.

At the end of June 2021, we purchased the property and received the keys. Soon a few of us moved in the farm house and started renovations by December 2021.

The new year started with dust, noise, and a beautiful brown foal, born in the land. Renovations continued until last days of December 2022. It was an intense time, and we needed a deep exhale! We started 2023 with more comfortable spaces to host friends and enjoy the winter days. Since then, we are pausing to reset and evaluate priorities for phase two.

In order to comply with legal requirements needed to develop and implement community living (including requesting permits for building and facilitating flexibility for partnership evolvement), it was necessary to create a registered business. CORAÇÃO LUMINOSO Ltd was registered for this purpose.

The structure of the company is detailed at CO-CREATION

Documents and ownership structure can be found on MEMBERS
All details of what has been accomplished and what is in progress, can be found at DEVELOPMENT 



Our aim is co-create a neighbourhood of friends living in private homes, yet sharing common spaces. A place where we can enjoy solitude as well as intimacy with others, where we can be alone-together.

This invitation is for individuals who are self-sustainable at an emotional, practical, and financial level, able to follow their inner guidance with confidence, and can easily share in comm-unity, 


We practically operate as a circle where each person collaborates to maintain the property with private financial resources and/or work. We do not depend on income from the land/business to sustain this project, each person contributing in a fair way to the development, maintenance and care of humans, spaces, animals and nature around.

Eventual events, and/or rental of spaces in the property  may bring revenue considered as a bonus to be used to conserve, beautify and expand the care for the land, and/or accomplish special projects agreed by “Coração Luminoso” shareholders.

Some qualities are key for this inner/outer alignment:

* self-responsibility

* natural generosity

* pioneering spirit

* crazy wisdom maturity

* deep connection with your intuitive guidance

* ability to dance with the winds of change

* sensitive to what is still wobbly in the collective soul 

* emerging arrow-like with your heart's desire

* ability to listen to the invisible


We invite...


Heart Openess listening to inner and outer nature…

Space that embraces all.

Totality courage, adventure, innovation…

Fire that glows.

Creativity spontaneity, freshness, aliveness, vibrancy…

Air that refreshes.

Collaboration sustainability, connection, intimacy…

Water that bonds.

Manifestation converging intention, bringing vision into reality…

Earth that grounds.

The Journey

Being & Learning ­

Resting in Being rather than Doing…

This means aligning intention with action, mind with heart, intuition with trust, intelligence with purpose, skills with practicality.

Recognizing and facing challenges, fears, emotional luggage, obsolete patterns… Letting them go when self-evidence proves them useless.

Using all opportunities in daily life to self-reflect and allowing life force to move through body-heart-soul.


Silence & Wonder

Silent listening and staying open to whatever arises inside and outside…

Tuning into nature, recalling our ability to listen, feel, look at the colors around, rest in the wonder of the amazing changes happening throughout the seasons.

Allowing silence to create a gap In between thoughts…


Nurturing Sensuality & Erotic Integrity

Bringing awareness to the receptivity of the senses, vibrating our bodies with nature, opening to life force in all forms…

Becoming more porous through the five senses, releasing the veils that protect our sensitivity, daring to feel more alive and be inspired by erotic current as life-force messages.

Nourishing sensuous pleasure as medicine, vibrating erotic integrity as a portal to remembrance of source.


Self- Responsibility & Reliability

Bringing in the seeds of what you want to harvest…

As we enter this circle, we must be clear about our intention, and able to take responsibility for our actions and choices. Nobody will be responsible for our emotional states, expectations, misunderstandings, or miscalculations…

Consequently, when we accept a role or a task, we must complete it and assume the results of our actions at all levels, especially as they may affect others.

In a circle, all movements impact its integrity.


Individuality & Synergy

Seeing the circle as a tapestry of human qualities where each member plays a unique role…

Recognising and honouring our essential qualities, while supporting others in the same way.

Allowing self-expression while being attuned to the all else around: humans, plants, animals, weather, events, emotions, thoughts, LIFE!

Paying attention to the ways we compromise our integrity and returning to honest and humble review.


Clear Communication & Vulnerability

Sharing our thoughts and emotions with sincerity, vulnerability and clarity...

We recognise that withholding our intelligence and feelings can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as resentment, aggression, or dismissal. Therefore, our commitment is to open and direct communication as a means to nourish meaningful relationships among community members.

Direct communication nurtures truthful connections and allows for expression of diverse perspectives while expanding one's own.

Clarity of intention catalises synergy within the group, bringing ease to communication, and forming the foundation for effective collaboration. It also ensures that actions align with the community's vision, creating a common ground for decision-making while respecting the uniqueness of each individual's choices.

The community acknowledges the importance of addressing inner doubts, insecurities, and emotional fluctuations related to the present and future. Emotional clarity has the power to dissolve defence mechanisms and behaviours that may create division.

By approaching one another with openness and a willingness to understand each other's roles and energetic natures, we aim to create fluid channels of communication that ignite collective intelligence and creative potential.


Ayni & Co-Creation

Ayni is an approach to life, inspired by the sacred principle of reciprocity found in Andean cultures, where giving before receiving is a fundamental value in all relationships. This heartfelt exchange is rooted in gratitude and plays a pivotal role in maintaining natural balance.

Reciprocity is viewed as a core reference for a co-creative model, which has been adopted by several long-existing communities. This model not only fosters appreciation but also provides a practical foundation for weaving and sustaining human relationships.

We embrace this concept honouring the values of generosity, individuality, and co-creation...

This powerful, insightful, piercing approach creates an authentic relational foundation for all collaborative interactions.


The Circle as a Cauldron

Being in nature, meditative practices, sharing circles, creative arts, dance, music, play, and collaborative tasks are integral components of daily life. All these activities are opportunities to merge and grow, reflect and receive reflections, appreciate what others offer and let go of unnecessary judgements…

Everything is a good excuse to stay present and wake up to what is alive now!

Nourishing our inner nature, promoting the sustainability of the Earth and the well-being of animals reflects a shared commitment to thinking outside the box, daring to stand for the values we embody.

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